About Romantic Bicentennials


Neil Fraistat and Andrew Stauffer

Steering Committee

John Bugg, Stuart Curran, Elizabeth Denlinger, Peter Graham, Jonathan Gross, Jon Klancher, Marsha Manns, Jack Wasserman, Susan Wolfson

Symposia Committees

2016 Symposium: The Geneva Summer
Organizers: Neil Fraistat and Andrew Stauffer

2017 Symposium: Keats’s Emergence as a Poet
Program Committee Chairs: Kate Singer (Mt. Holyoke) and Susan Wolfson (Princeton)
Members: John Bugg (Fordham), William Galperin (Rutgers), Sonia Hofkosh (Tufts)

2018 Symposium: The Publication of Frankenstein
Program Committee Chairs: Jerrold Hogle (U Arizona) and Anne Mellor (UCLA)
Members: Alan Bewell (U Toronto), Stuart Curran (U Pennsylvania), Denise Gigante (Stanford), Kevin Gilmartin (Cal Tech), Jan Golinski (U New Hampshire)

Networked Events Committee

Chairs: Jon Klancher (Carnegie-Mellon) and Jon Sachs (Concordia)
Members: Marsha Manns, Leslie Morris (Houghton Library), Adriana Craciun (UC Riverside), Nigel Leask (Glasgow), Steve Hindle (Huntington Library), Gillian Russell (Melbourne), Andrew Piper (McGill)

Communication Fellows

Craig Stamm (Carnegie Mellon)

Romantic Bicentennials is a collaboration between the Keats-Shelley Association of America (K-SAA) and the Byron Society of America (BSA).

The coming decade will witness a series of bicentennials of great importance not just to students and specialized scholars of the British Romantic period but also to lovers of literature who during these two centuries have demonstrated a continuing enthusiasm for Byron, Keats, and the Shelleys as well as for the cultural and literary circles that radiated around them.

The initial stage of the Romantic Bicentennials project focuses on the first three years of this period, demarcated by the inception of Frankenstein in 1816 and its publication in 1818. In each of these three years, the K-SAA and BSA will cosponsor a number of events, including the first symposium on “Byron, the Shelleys, and the 1816 Geneva Summer,” as well as “Networked Events” across the cultural field and the globe (e.g., exhibits at museums, libraries, archives, galleries; performing arts venues; locally hosted gatherings of Romanticists, public lectures).

Please see the events calendar for more information. In addition to showcasing events sponsored by the K-SAA and BSA, other events with a bicentennial flavor will appear here as well.